Has Your Project Had the Building Approvals Process Completed?

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Are you involved in a building project? Whether you are working on a big industrial complex or you are just building a home for your family, you must build according to the rules. Not only do you have to know that the building conforms to the agreed permits, but you must be able to demonstrate that the building work conforms to what was agreed on. In most cases, the way that you will demonstrate that all building work has been completed correctly is through a building approvals process. There are three things that will be checked by a building approvals process.

Do you have the correct location?

Building in the correct spot is fundamental to the success of your building project. The plans you submitted when you were seeking permission to build will have included the position of your build relative to the property boundaries. When you start excavating to lay the foundation for whatever structure you are creating, you must be building in the agreed spot. The building approvals company will check that the work is correct so there will not be any problems later with neighbours or arguments about the building overlooking other property owners.

Did you use the right materials?

A building may look good on the outside, but is it as strong as it looks? The plans you sent to the Planning Commission will have included detailed information about the materials used throughout the building progress. These materials may have some aesthetic value, but there will also be practical reasons for each choice. Some materials will be stronger than others. Other materials will be more weather-resistant or less susceptible to corrosion. Each material was chosen for a reason, and you can't change the specified materials without obtaining permission before you go ahead.

The buildings approval process will check at every stage to ensure that you haven't used a cheaper alternative or made an error in one part of the building. If the building approval company spots any unauthorised changes, they will see whether that change can be permitted or whether that part of the structure must be rebuilt to the agreed standard.

Is all the building work compliant?

Sometimes, you might have used the correct materials, but the standard of the building work might not be good enough. Before a building approvals company can finally sign off on the project, they will examine every stage of the construction to check that all building regulations have been adhered to and that the structure is safe in every way.

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