3 Factors to Consider When Buying a Shower Screen for a Shared Bathroom

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A shower screen can instantly transform a bathroom by providing a spacious look and feel. By eliminating solid shower walls, screens give bathrooms an airy feel and allow other features, such as the vanities and sink, to stand out. When installing a shower screen in a shared bathroom, it's crucial to assess the needs of each user before making a purchase. There are various designs with varying styles and features, and not all are suited to shared spaces. Thus, consider these factors when buying a shower screen for your shared bathroom.

1. Bathroom size and installation space

Before choosing a shower screen design, assess the size of your bathroom and the installation space. A hinged or pivot screen door that swings in and out to open can occupy a lot of space in a small bathroom. This can make the space look cramped and defeat the purpose of installing a shower screen. Therefore, for a small bathroom, go for sliding doors as they do not occupy any floor space. Conversely, if you have a large shared bathroom, you can explore other screen designs.

2. Desired privacy levels

Privacy is a significant determinant of the best glass shower screen for a shared bathroom. For a master bathroom shower that's shared by a couple, you can opt for clear glass. However, shared bathrooms for the rest of the household should have a private shower space. This way, as one person takes a shower, other users can use the rest of the bathroom amenities. Below are three privacy glass options for a shared bathroom:

Choose the glass material and technology that meets the privacy needs of the users.

3. Glass maintenance requirements

A glass shower screen can be hard to maintain in a shared bathroom. The soap scum and fingerprints left behind after multiple showers can make the glass look cloudy and appealing. Thus, if you choose clear glass for your shower screen, you must clean it daily to maintain its visual appeal. However, if you prefer a low-maintenance screen, go for acid-etched or textured glass. These designs can easily conceal scum and fingerprint marks, which makes them suitable for high-traffic bathrooms.

Consider these tips when buying a shower screen for your shared bathroom. For shower screen installation services, contact your contractor.