How You Can Invest in Real Estate

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Would you want to make a killing in the real estate industry? Most people assume that they need millions to make a profit in the sector. Read the extract below for some exciting ideas on how you can make money in the real estate business. 

Indirect Investments

If you have inadequate funds, you could invest in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). These are companies that either finance or own real estate. There are many REITs in Australia, so you must conduct some due diligence before purchasing shares. Some of your concerns should include the company's reputation, financial stability and leadership, as well as the type of property it invests in and the percentage of profit remitted to its shareholders.

Flipping Houses

If you have an eye for houses, you could make some cash by buying and selling properties. The secrets to being successful when flipping houses are patience and research. Identify undervalued property in your locality. Your objective would be to convince the owner to sell it to you at a lower price. The best time to purchase such property is during low seasons such as winter. Once you buy the property, conduct some renovations and sell it at a higher price.

Land Subdivision

If you own a strategically located piece of land, you could subdivide it and sell it for a profit. Preferably, consult with a land surveyor to determine the cost of subdivision, the minimum plot size, and how long the process will take. Alternatively, you could partner with developers and put up commercial, industrial or residential properties. You have many options when you come to land division, and a professional can help you understand what all of them are. To learn more about this option, contact a contractor that does land divisions.

Invest in Your Talent

The real estate industry is diverse. While some people purchase homes, others specialise in design and renovation. Therefore, you could use your landscaping, interior design or building skills to make a profit. For example, most people will search the internet for return-on-investment projects. Therefore, as an interior designer or landscaper, you could provide some DIY home improvement tips on social media or your website. Some of your followers might then hire you to design and renovate their homes. 


You could also join the industry as a real estate agent or wholesaler. As a wholesaler, you purchase homes under contract and sell the contract at a higher price to a willing buyer. Once the transaction is complete, the seller will give you a cut. Real estate agents are professionals who sell properties for a small cut of the selling price. You will need a licence to operate as a real estate agent.

Some ways to invest in real estate include purchasing shares in REITs, flipping houses, and participating in land subdivision, home design or house brokerage.