Pros and Cons of Installing Timer Lights

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Timer lights are light switches that are set on a timer so the lights don't remain on for too long. There are some definite benefits of these lights, but also some drawbacks you should be aware of. Consider these pros and cons before opting to have them installed in your home.

Pro: You Can Save Energy

Naturally, one of the top benefits to choosing timer lights is that they help to save energy. More often than not, lights end up being left on in your home, usually by accident. You might assume you will be right back in the bathroom, so you leave the light on, only to get distracted and realize hours later it has been on all this time. In this type of situation, lights that go off after a certain number of minutes automatically are a great way to help lower your electrical bills.

Con: The Installation Cost Is Higher

You are most likely going to end up paying more for these lights, both in materials and in installation costs. The lights themselves can cost more since they often have different features than traditional light switches, but don't forget about how much you pay for labour costs. It is recommended that a professional electrical contractor install them, which increases those costs as well.

Pro: There Are Different Features to Choose from

While they can cost a little more, timer lights also have some other features you can choose from. First of all, the timer lights themselves have two main options: automatic shut-off lights and programmable lights. The programmable timer lights actually let you program the time they go on and off. The automatic shut-off timer lights are only meant to turn off automatically after a certain period of time. Then you have some other options, such as timer lights that also contain motion detectors or dimmers.

Con: They Are Sometimes Inconvenient

When you need to be in a room for longer than the shut-off feature allows, it can be frustrating when the light turns off automatically. For example, when you are taking a long bubble bath, the light might turn off when you are still in there. You then have to either deal with a dark bathroom or get out to turn it back on, then jump back in the bath. This is one of the main disadvantages of the automatic shut-off ones that can't be programmed.

To learn more about timer lights and how to program them, talk to an electrical contractor in your area.