Looking for A Tipper Truck for Hire? 3 Reasons You Should Choose A 3-Way Tipper Truck

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If you are looking for a tipper truck to clear your demolition waste, remove rubbish, or unload soil and other aggregates, there are ideal options for you in various truck hire companies. However, finding the perfect one for your needs can be overwhelming because of the many things you may have to consider before making your decision. Therefore, here are reasons why choosing a 3-way tipper truck over the standard tipper trucks will give you the most value for your money.

A 3-Way Tipper Truck Preserves Fuel

Manoeuvring tipper trucks to unload materials burns fuel. However, for a 3-way tipper truck, steering or manoeuvring the machinery is unnecessary. This does not only help conserve fuel but also ensures your fuel costs are reduced significantly.

A 3-Way Tipper Truck Saves On Time

A 3-way tipper truck offers quicker or faster unloading times. Unlike standard tipper trucks that can only unload materials at the backside, 3-way tipper trucks unload materials on three sides. This reduces the unloading time by eliminating the need to manoeuvre the equipment to the right spot for the materials to be unloaded as required. The faster unloading capacity will help you save on costs of hire, especially if you are being charged on an hourly basis.

A 3-Way Tipper Truck Has a Higher Turning Capacity

While often overlooked, the turning capability of a tipper truck affects its ability to manoeuvre around spaces in your site. A 3-way tipper truck has a higher turning capability than its standard counterparts, which means you will need less space to unload your materials. One of the major problems tipper truck operators experience in handling the trucks is unloading in limited or tight spaces. Steering the truck and backing up in such spaces can be dangerous because of the risks of hitting things behind the truck. A 3-way tipper truck reduces such dangers.

Hiring a 3-way tipper truck will give you the most value for your money. The high functionality and efficiency that comes with the machinery will ensure that your project is a success. However, when hiring a 3-way tipper truck, be keen on the type that you choose because different types are designed for different purposes. Therefore, evaluate things such as the truck's load capacity, tipping or unloading speeds, load volume, the compatibility of the terrain, the accessibility of your site, and the size or number of tipper trucks that you need. For more information, contact a business such as Eastern Plant Hire.