Pool Design Ideas: How to Select the Ideal Finish for Your Pool

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A pool is an extension of your home's exterior, and it is important that it reflects your personal style and home architecture. This can be achieved through the shape, color, size, and finishes used in the pool. While determining the ideal size and hues is an easy and exciting process for homeowners, choosing the ideal finish can be difficult due to the multitude of options available. The finish you choose can add a unique factor, even to a small, simple pool. Here are some of the pool finish options that you should consider when designing your pool.

Aggregate finishes

If you want to give your pool a trendy and classic finish, aggregate finishes are the ideal choice. Aggregates are becoming the desirable pool finish options due to their aesthetic quality and durability. They comprise of a mix of pebbles, stones, and glass beads that are worked into the pool plaster finish to give the pool a natural earthy and rustic look. Unlike pool plaster, aggregates do not react with pool chemicals, and this allows them to maintain the beautiful natural look for many years, even with minimal maintenance.

Pool tiles

Tiles are not just meant for the home's interior floors. They are an amazing choice if you want to achieve durability with an affordable material that requires simple maintenance. Pool tiles come in a myriad of sizes, textures, patterns, and colors and you can explore these options to come up with a combination that will give your pool a unique look. Patterned and textured tiles, in particular, can give an illusion of other natural materials such as stone, and make your pool a unique addition to your backyard.

Choose pool tiles with warm color tones if you want to create an inviting environment or highlight various features of the pool. On the other hand, cool tones will add a refreshing look while dark tones will give the pool a dramatic look and feel.

Vinyl pool liners

Vinyl pool liners provide homeowners with an inexpensive yet beautiful finishing option. Liners are available in numerous colors and patterns that give the pool a distinctive look that complements the home's exterior. Pool liners require regular maintenance to maintain their look for long periods. However, even with proper maintenance, the pool liners have to be replaced once in a while as they are not as durable as aggregates and tiles. During the replacement process, you can explore other colors and textures to give the pool a different fresh look.

Once you determine the ideal finish option for your pool, make sure that you hire a qualified pool contractor for quality installation. Also, ensure that the finish is properly maintained if you want it extend its durability.