7 Ways to Use Poly Tarps at Your Campsite

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There is not any type of camping equipment that is more versatile than poly tarps. Rather than leaving this piece of equipment in the truck or at home, take it out and use it to its full potential. Here you will find 7 ways to use poly tarps at your campsite.

Protection for the Bottom Part of the Tent

One of the simplest ways to use a regular poly tarp is to provide protection for the bottom area of the tent from any stones or sticks that may damage or puncture the tent's material.

Creating a Makeshift Shelter

For campsites that do not have any type of shelter, it may be a good idea to make a space that is covered for your coolers and other kitchen equipment. While you may be able to use any type of tarp for this purpose, a poly tarp offers superior protection from rain.

Protection from the Rain

If you don't have a rainfly, or have forgotten it, a poly tarp can be used for the same purpose. Simply place your tent in between two nearby trees and then use the branches to tie up the tarp in place.

Cover Your Camping Equipment

If your equipment is left inside the truck bed exposed, or propped up on the ground close to your vehicle, you can put a poly tarp over it to protect it all from the rain. This can keep your sleeping bags, towels and other items dry.

Block Wind at the Campsite

On particularly windy days, camping can be a challenge. While trees may block a little bit of the wind, the rest can be blocked with a poly tarp. Campers can also use it to block the fire from wind and keep it from going out or the kitchen area while cooking.

Make Your Own Slip 'N Slide

If you plan to camp with children, knowing how you can use a tarp to make a slip and slide can help to make a boring afternoon more fun. All you have to do is find a hill near the campground and lay the tarp on the ground. Then all you have to do is get it wet.

Provide Shelter for Your Pet

If you don't want your pet in the tent with you, but still want to shelter them from adverse weather, then poly tarps are ideal. They can be used to provide shade for your pet during the day and a dry place to sleep at night.

Poly tarps are extremely versatile and functional at the campsite. Next time you go camping, be sure to take one along and see how you can use it. If you don't already own a tarp, you can get one from local suppliers like Nans Tarps