Five Tools You Need to Clean Your Grout and Keep It Clean

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Dirty grout looks terrible, and it can be impossible to clean with a rag and some cleaner. Luckily, there are other options. If you want clean grout, consider investing in these tools -- they will make it easier to clean your grout and keep it clean:

1. Toothbrush

A toothbrush is the perfect size the scrub the grout between your tiles. You can spray on a commercial grout cleaner and agitate the grout clean by making circles with your toothbrush. Alternatively, instead of using a commercial cleaner, you can make your own grout cleaning paste out of baking soda and a bit of water.

2. Triangular grout brush

If cleaning with a toothbrush becomes cumbersome, consider investing in some professional grout cleaning tools. You can buy a range of brushes, some very similar to toothbrushes, but in particular, consider trying a grout brush with a triangular handle.

That ergonomic design makes it easy to get into corners without straining your hand or wrist, and the bristles work to forcefully agitate stains and caked-on grime off the grout.

3. Steam cleaner

If you cannot remove the grime from the grout with brushes, the stains may be embedded into the grout, and as a result, cleaning their surface isn't always effective. Instead, try using a steam cleaner to achieve a deep clean.

Steam cleaners spray hot, soapy water onto the grout. Then, they use attached brushes for deep cleaning, and finally, they vacuum up the dirt and extra water.

You can hire a steam cleaner, or you can buy one. If you opt to buy one, don't buy one that's designed just for carpets or floors. Make sure you invest in a multi-purpose cleaner, and as you will be using it in the bathroom, consider opting for a handheld battery operated one rather than one that plugs into the wall. That helps protect you from accidental electrocution.

4. Spritzer bottle and alcohol

Once you have your grout clean, you want to ensure it stays clean. You can buy sprays that you spritz onto your shower walls after every shower to guard against mildew and stains, but those sprays can be costly, and in most cases, their main ingredient is alcohol.

Consider making your own after-shower spray. Just fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol, and spray it on your tiles and grout after every shower.

5. Extractor fan

Grout is often stained with mold or mildew, and if you want to cut down on those stains, you need to eliminate moisture from your bathroom. If you don't have an extractor fan, invest in one and make sure to use it during and after showers.

Alternatively, open your window a bit, and if you want to extract the moist air faster, place a box fan in the window, but position it in reverse so it blows air out of the bathroom.

If you have really stubborn issues with grout, call a professional like Riteway Cleaning Services.