Ideal Mobile Cranes for Construction Projects

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The crane is an important piece of equipment in the construction industry. Therefore, if you are planning on starting a new building or general development project, it is imperative for you to understand your options. The crane is used in the work site to lift, lower and even move building materials during the construction process. There are different types of cranes to consider when looking for the best equipment for your project. The primary crane models in the market are fixed, overhead and mobile. Each design has its advantages but the mobile cranes provide the most in terms flexibility and transportation. Here are the main mobile cranes which you can hire for a building scheme.


The truck-mounted crane has two main parts: the carrier and the lifting module. The carrier is the lower base which supports the lifting components like the boom. These components are connected using a turntable which allows the crane to move freely when lifting materials in the work site. This lifting equipment is placed on a truck to provide the required mobility. It is an advantageous choice because you will not require special transportation equipment for the machinery. However, if you hire this type of crane, you should inquire about any size or weight restrictions imposed on your preferred route of travel. Additionally, you will not need extra labour for disassembly and assembly at the work site.


A crawler crane consists of lifting equipment mounted on a base undercarriage which moves on continuous tracks instead of wheel and tyres. These modular tank treads are favourable in work sites because they provide more stability than regular tires. Moreover, they can be driven on soft ground without the entire lower structure sinking or getting stuck in the mud. This is because the tracks distribute the weight of crane structure evenly. They also have high lifting capacities and the crawler can move while carrying loads. The main drawback of hiring this equipment for your construction project is that you will need to use special transportation. The crawler tracks will damage the road surface, so they cannot be driven on public networks.

Rough Terrain

The rough-terrain crane is mounted on a lower undercarriage supported by rubber tyres. This machinery is designed for construction projects which are in off-road areas. They can handle diverse rough terrain applications, so they are ideal for rural developments. Most models are equipped with four-wheel drive capabilities so the vehicles can be driven on narrow and slick terrain. If you want a crane for varied terrains, you should consider an all-terrain alternative.

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