Shop Fitting: Ideal Lighting Fixtures for Retail Spaces

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Shop fitting is a critical part of setting up a store when starting a retail business. This process involves preparing the interior and exterior parts of the commercial space to make it more presentable for official trade. In simple terms, proper shop fitting will draw more customers and help you stand out from nearby competition. There are diverse aspects to consider when carrying out this type of project so as to ensure that the building is smart, modern and trendy. One of these important elements is the lighting, because the fixtures will affect the presentation of your goods. Your lighting should enhance the appeal of the merchandise, give an illusion of more space in small stores and be comfortable for the clients. Here are the main types of lighting fixtures to consider installing in your retail store.


Incandescent light fixtures are bright and clear, so they are ideal for task lighting. These lamps and bulbs work by heating a tungsten filament enclosed in a glass container. If you want to highlight specific items in the shops such as jewellery, special apparel or even electronics, this is the best choice. In addition, you can purchase incandescent bulbs with varying colours and different levels of brightness for a more interesting look in your retail space. Unfortunately, incandescent lights are highly inefficient with regard to energy, so you will have high long-term expenses. You will also need to carry out replacements because they are susceptible to burn-outs.


Fluorescent lights are designed to produce brightness without the high energy costs of the incandescent alternatives. These lamps are conventionally available as long tubes filled with mercury gas and coated with phosphor powder. The white light is produced when the electrical current passes through the mercury gas. This emits UV light which is transformed into white light by the coating. You can also purchase compact fluorescent bulbs, which are less prominent and more attractive for the retail space. Fluorescent lighting is relatively expensive to purchase, but you will enjoy long-term energy savings.

Light Emitting Diodes

Light emitting diodes (LED) lighting fixtures are relatively new in the market, so the technology is constantly being improved. The bulbs have a semiconductor element in the containment, which releases light-emitting electrons when electricity passes through the fixture. It is a highly efficient choice, and you can purchase a variety of colours and sizes depending on the commercial space requirements.

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