The 4 Most Popular Driveway Surfaces

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Deciding on what type of driveway to put in at your new home or to upgrade or replace your existing driveway is never an easy decision. There are all sorts of factors that go into making that choice such as cost, longevity and the resources available in your area.

Here is an overview of the most common types of driveway surfaces that people tend to favor:


This is by far the most durable option when it comes to putting in a new driveway or replacing your old one. With that being said, it stands to reason that concrete is also the most expensive form of driveway to put in. Concrete gives you the ability to choose the shape of the driveway you want because it can be formed with either straight or curved edges with little or no problem. It can also be coated or decoratively stamped to create the exact look that you desire.

Decorative Granite

This is a compacted driveway surface that uses a combination of crushed aggregate with some concrete base mixed in but don't let that fool you, it is nowhere near as strong or permanent as a concrete based driveway. It does have the advantage of being much cheaper than a concrete driveway and if done by a skilled professional they can look really good and be more than functional. This type of surface can also be topped up on occasion to keep it looking nice and it can also be purchased in several different colors of aggregate.


These types of intricately laid bricks or stones are probably the nicest looking of any of the driveway options mentioned here. The cost of pavers varies and they can actually end up being more expensive than concrete to put in. They are almost as durable as concrete and they too can be designed using straight or curving edges. Pavers can be purchased in a wide variety of color options also.

Pebbles or Crushed Stone

This is the least expensive of all the driveway types that are mentioned here and it is also the least durable by far. With that being said, it is always a better option than driving your vehicle onto grass or dirt. The stones or pebbles will usually have to be neatened up and put back into place on a regular basis and the surface material will need to be topped off from time to time also.

Once you figure out your budget and the look of the finished product you want, you will have no problem making a choice that more than meets your new or refurbished driveway requirements. Contact a company like Supercivil to learn more.