Why Wood Is Better Than Composite Outdoor Decking

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Wood and wood composites (a combination of wood dust and plastic or PVC) are some of the materials that you can select from if you want outdoor decking for your patio or shed. This article discusses why you should choose wood instead of composite for your decking needs.

Ease of Replacing Panels

Wood decking is very easy to replace in case some panels are broken. This is because all panels made from that kind of wood will look the same. For instance, a treated pine panel will easily look the same as the ones you bought years ago once you give it the same coat of paint as the old ones. The same cannot be said for composite panels. The new panel you install in the place of the damaged one will look very different from the panels on your deck.

This is because the old panels will have started showing signs of wear such as the surface showing signs of the abrasive effect of the cleaning chemicals used on it. It is therefore very hard to match replacement panels to the old ones so the appearance of your deck will never be uniform again.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Composite decking is usually cleaned with artificial cleaning agents that are strong enough to remove the stains and dirt that has become embedded within the panels. These cleaning agents may pose a health hazard to you since they may cause you to cough or irritate your throat once you inhale them. Wood on the other hand is easier to clean. A damp cloth may be all you need to remove a stain.

Cost Savings

Natural wood decking costs you less to buy when compared to composite decking. The low initial cost may pale in comparison to the long-term maintenance cost. This is because wood needs a water resistant coat of paint regularly (every two years, for example). However if you are willing to maintain the wood deck yourself then it will remain cheaper than the composite deck.


The reason why wood has remained a very popular choice as a decking material is its beauty. Wood decking will retain its attractive appearance for much longer than composite decking. No one wants to have decking that will quickly become an eyesore and that is why many people opt for wood decking.

As you ponder which of these two outdoor decking materials to use consider the attributes of each material and then make your final decision. The factors in the discussion above may tip the balance in favor of wood decking.

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