Deck Your Home With Built In Wardrobes For A Contemporary Look

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Contemporary built in wardrobes are a stylish way to store your clothes in the bedroom. You can have them installed on any of your free walls, around your bed and even in your walk-in closet. Apart from neatly solving your storage needs, they also add sophistication to your bedroom as well. Here are some more reasons you should having them installed.

Saves space

Built in wardrobes are permanently affixed on your wall. In most cases, they also stretch from one wall to the other, top to bottom. This gives you maximum use of space within your bedroom, with plenty of space to hang your suits, fold your casuals, display your watches and shoes and also tuck away your jewellery in an orderly manner. The end result is that you get to keep the rest of your bedroom space, tidy and free of clutter. You can even have a dressing table and mirror built in right at the middle of your wardrobe. If your bedroom looks too small to fit a wardrobe on your wall, you can have it built around your bed, leaving ample space for your headrest.

Much safer than mobile wardrobes

By being permanently fixed on your wall, built in wardrobes are much safer than movable wardrobes. They can't tip over accidentally or lean to one side due to heavy weights. If you're installing them in your kid's bedroom you won't have to worry about them being moved about or accidents taking place. Your built in wardrobes are there to stay.

Aesthetically pleasing

No piece of furniture should be added to your home unless it adds value. Built in wardrobes are greatly rewarding when it comes to aesthetics. Their perfect fit along your walls makes it easy to build them as per the shape and size of your bedroom. There are also plenty of design options at your disposal. For example, you can have them open or with closed doors. When it comes to the wood product of your choice, you can go with the light-colored wood for an urban look or the darker shade for a classic, traditional feel. Alternatively, you can have your contractor paint them in a color that compliments your house.

Give your bedroom the space and class it needs with this new addition. A built in wardrobe can be fitted on any wall space, even along attic walls and wall corners. Talk to a contractor like Thomo's Home Improvements and have them give you ideas depending on your home set up.