Want to Liven Up Your Outdoor Patio Space? Consider Using Laser Cut Plywood Panels

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If you're finding your outdoor patio or balcony space a bit on the boring side, laser cut plywood panels may be the answer. Instead of closing off all or part of that space with simple painted plywood panels, you are adding intricately carved pieces of art to your living space. Running those lasers requires great skill, so it is something best left to professionals. You can often purchase pre-cut panels which are usually fairly easy for the average DIY enthusiast to install.

Plywood Panels Defined

Plywood is the equivalent of a layer cake. Your "cake" has anywhere from 3 to 7 layers with a filling of adhesive between them. Each layer is placed at a 90-degree angle to the one below to add strength. Both hard and soft woods are used for plywood. The layered pattern and variation in the woods make this material excellent for creating decorative laser cut panels.

Types of Designs

Since laser cut plywood is created using a computer program, there is no end to the number of designs available. That computer program also assures precision cuts, so intricate repetitive patterns are possible.

Geometric Shapes

Computers can be programmed to produce repetitive geometric shapes, such as circles, rectangles, squares or parallelograms.

Plants and Trees

Imagine your balcony or patio wall covered with a field of flowers or the canopy of a gum tree. Cattails, like you'd find in a marsh, or the outline of a distant forest are two often requested designs.


Extending the natural world theme to animals is also quite popular. Entire flocks of birds are often created on plywood. Perhaps you'd prefer a lone egret, or maybe you'd like leaping kangaroos or koalas. The plywood is the canvas, fill it with whatever you wish.

Outside Uses for Laser Cut Plywood

Balcony Screens

Using laser cut plywood as a balcony screen provides privacy and style. Replace the entire balcony rail with the laser cut exterior plywood or enclose the portion facing the neighbours. If you live in a condo situation, be sure and check with the association before making changes.  

Patio Enclosures

You can get a lot more creative with patios. Use the plywood designs along one or more sides of the patio. Set the panels against an existing wall or fence to help define the space. Or, install a free-standing panel across one end of your patio. This provides added privacy, but the cut-out patterns will still allow airflow.