Incidences When You Need A Land Surveyor

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Land surveyors are experts in equipment and tactics that help measure and evaluate sites for private, government and public property. The land surveyor develops survey reports useful for other parties, including private developers, civil engineers, general contractors etc. This piece discusses some common incidences where you need land surveyors. 

Home Extensions

Your home sits on a defined acreage of the entire property. However, you can still tear it down and build a new one that covers a different size. Alternatively, you may seamlessly extend the home and merge the extension to the new structure. However, the extension of the newer and larger structure must not go beyond the defined boundaries of your land. 

Land surveyors are essential in handling issues of boundaries in such an instance. You can discuss the project with a land surveyor and show them your plans. The land surveyor thereby evaluates your home extension's impact on the boundaries. For example, the surveyor can recommend the side of your home to extend to still leave room for a walkway, fence area, or parking lot.

Erection Of New Structures

Home and commercial buildings require structures such as swimming pools, fences, garages, gates, parking lots and lawns. However, most people prefer to build the main structure and then begin any other plans for the land. Therefore, you must establish the impacts of these structures on your land use. A surveyor guides you in planning and ensures you work within the boundaries. 

This insight is essential in ensuring that you do not infringe on another person's rights. For example, you may erect a fence that leaves no clearance on the road. You may tear down such a fence in the future while installing public utilities such as pipes, electric poles, underground cables and roads. Land surveyors understand laws governing such issues and legally assist you in developing such structures. 

Subdivision Of Land

Land is a valuable commodity, and subdividing it makes it easy to use or sell. You may also subdivide land when assigning it to beneficiaries as inheritance. In addition, selling small pieces of land might be more profitable than selling the entire portion. Therefore, a land surveyor can help with the subdivision of land for various purposes. 

Land surveyors help you map large pieces of land and establish where each plot should fit. Your surveyor also allocates different sections of your land to essential functions such as access roads, drainage and other utilities that all plots will require. 

Land surveyors are essential when extending your home, developing new structures and subdividing land. 

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