What Are Some of the Things That Can Be Found During Concrete Scanning?

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Many people don't realize just how much technology there is in the concrete world. However, there are concrete scanning machines and processes that can be used to look through concrete and to see what is inside or underneath. As you can probably imagine, concrete scanning can be incredibly useful during concrete repair jobs and construction jobs. These are some of the things that a professional can typically find and see while performing concrete scanning.

Rebar and Wire Mesh

As you might already know, wire mesh and rebar are both commonly used in concrete pouring. After all, they're great for ensuring that concrete is as strong and durable as possible. With concrete scanning, you can easily see the rebar or wire mesh within your concrete. If you are concerned about whether or not a concrete surface is durable enough for building or whatever other projects that you have in mind, you might like being able to check to make sure that there is adequate rebar, wire mesh or both in place. If you're going to be cutting through concrete for some reason, you might want to check to find out where the rebar is so that you can plan where to make your cuts.

Utility Lines and Pipes

There are many reasons why you might need to know about utility lines or pipes that are underneath your concrete. You might need to cut into the concrete, and you probably want to avoid disrupting any water pipes or utility lines in the process. You could be looking to perform repairs on water pipes or utility lines, but you might need to know where they are and might need to get an idea of their condition. In these types of situations, using a concrete scanning service can be useful since a concrete scanning service can help you easily see the utility lines and pipes underneath or within your concrete.

These are just a few examples of the different things that can commonly find with the help of a concrete scanning service. There are even different types of concrete scanning services that you can hire; for example, the companies that use X-ray technology can be very helpful, but there are also companies that use ground-penetrating radar technology, which you might prefer for safety reasons. Either way, if you want to look for one of the things listed above in your concrete, you should get in contact with a company that offers GPR concrete scanning or another method.