3 Important Questions to Ask About a Portable Toilet Hire

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Hiring or renting a portable toilet can be a good choice for when you're hosting an outdoor event on your property and know your home doesn't have enough toilets for everyone, or for when you're doing renovation work and don't want contractors to use your indoor bathroom. Whatever your reason for hiring a portable toilet, note a few important questions to ask first so you know what to expect and can plan for it as needed.

1. Ask if the toilet can be placed anywhere or if they have recommendations as to where it should be placed.

Very often a portable toilet can be placed on any flat or level surface, including dirt or soil as long as it's not too soft and muddy and can hold the weight of the unit. However, there may be limits as to where it can be placed according to how accessible it will be to the rental company; they need to be able to drop it off and pick it up with a truck of some sort, so they may not be able to drive around your home's garage and other such obstacles. Also, they may recommend how far away you place the portable toilet from the crowd or main dining area in case there are smells or it should overflow. Always ask about placement options when renting a toilet so you can plan your occasion accordingly.

2. Ask if they come with toilet paper, soap, and towels.

Don't assume that a portable toilet will be ready for your use the minute it's dropped off, as you may still need to supply it with all the essentials. However, some companies might actually have paper products, a soap dispenser, and other such items in the toilet when it gets dropped off at your home, so ask about what is included so you can be sure to shop if necessary.

3. Ask what to do if the toilet gets damaged.

Each company will have different policies on what to do if the toilet gets damaged, and this may be according to the damage itself. For example, if the toilet should tip over, it may need to be replaced immediately. However, if it should overflow, you may simply need to have it cleaned rather than replaced. You may also want to note if they give you a damage waiver or offer extra insurance, which can be good if you're choosing a toilet for hire when doing outdoor construction. If you're using a bobcat or other equipment for the first time, you might run the risk of actually driving into the portable toilet or otherwise damaging it, so a waiver or insurance can be a good choice.