DIY Split System Air Conditioner Installation? Read This First

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Choosing a split system air conditioning unit for replacement purposes is a wise decision. Because split system air conditioners seldom come cheap, a large number of homeowners opt for DIY installation of these appliances in a bid to save on the upfront costs involved in trying to get the house warmer or cooler.

Discussed below are important tips on proper selection of the installation site for homeowners who dare to follow the DIY route.

General Tips

Ideally, the preferred installation location should have the rigidity and strength to bear the weight of the conditioning unit. An ideal location should also be easy to access for ease of maintenance when the time comes.

If the conditioner is to be installed on a well or within the ceiling, additional support in the form of a metal or wooden frame may need to be provided.

For installation in indoor spaces, homeowners should ensure that tubes running inside the room are properly insulated. This will help to prevent leakages when the tubes 'sweat', which is often responsible for water damage on affected flooring systems and walls.

If the unit is to be installed outdoors, a level foundation should be made for it using concrete blocks or raised concrete pads. This helps to minimize noise (as a result of vibration) and to minimise the likelihood that the unit will suffer water damage.

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing An Installation Site

Be sure to remember the discussed tips when the time comes for split system air conditioning installation.