Bin Hire and Overloading

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You'd assume filling a skip bin is the easiest thing on earth. You simply throw your trash inside and someone comes along to remove it for you. Quite simple. However, some people assume there's no limit on filling a skip bin. The assumption is that once the junk is well balanced on top of the increasingly growing heap in the bin, then it's inside the bin. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. It is important that you don't overload your garbage bin. Here are important aspects to take into account when filling your bins to avoid overloading.

Overloading a bin can take place in two forms:

The Obvious Overload

This is easy to see. If your trash is sitting beyond the lip or top rail of the skip bin, then you've overloaded it. From a legal point of view, it is a felony for any driver to carry skip bins overloaded past the top rail on the highways. The skip bin hire company may impose penalties on you for excess trash. From a safety point of view, imagine fellow motorists having to brake hard to steer clear of lumber that comes flying out from an overfilled bin on transit. The solution is not to fill your bin past the top rail.

The Not-So-Obvious Overload

This type of overload is less obvious and involves overloading the bin with heavy materials. It sounds odd that someone may not know that they are filling a skip bin with heavy materials. Well, it's truly amazingly easy. Bulky items don't appear weighty when being loaded into the bin in dribs and drabs. Once you've put plenty of them in there that the ruin is done. Often, it's the aggregates or soil that are the source of the problem. You can simply fill a bin with such type of materials right up to the top rail and it will look okay. However the weight of the bin can be rather immense. The best solution is to think about the type of waste you intend to throw inside the bin and rent a suitable one as well as the appropriate size.

It is better for you to a hire a bin that may not be fully filled instead of one that is too small, resulting in the need for another bin at extra cost. In other words, to realize affordable bin hire, it's better to over-estimate rather than under-estimate the bin size you require.