3 Times When You May Need to Hire a Building Consultant

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A building consultant is a professional that is familiar with many aspects of buying, selling, and owning a building and can help you with many areas of service you may need to have done on your property. If you've never thought about calling a building consultant, you may want to think about hiring them versus handling certain tasks yourself. Note a few of those particular tasks here and why a consultant is a better choice than trying to manage these jobs on your own.

1. Pre-purchase building inspections

 A building consultant may not work as an inspector himself or herself, but their services can be very valuable, especially when you're considering purchasing a building. This is because they can recommend the types of inspections you may need for the particular area or the building itself. For example, if the building is many years old, they may recommend you check for asbestos. If the building has suffered a flood, they might note that there is an increased risk of mold buildup. Rather than assuming as to the inspections you might choose for a building, have a consultant give you advice on what is best for the property itself and then arrange those inspections for you.

2. Contract disputes

A building consultant can meet with you to go over any and all contracts you may have with vendors, tenants, and others, and note how to best mediate or solve this dispute. They may represent you in your dispute and be able to come to an agreement with the other party before the matter arrives in court. They may also have experience in when such matters are beyond mediation and may advise you when it's best to hire a legal representative in order to negotiate with the other party. This can mean a much quicker resolution than trying to address the issue on your own.

3. Estimating and budgeting

Whether you're looking to buy a building that will need repairs or are looking to renovate an existing building, estimating and budgeting can be challenging. You may easily overlook certain vendors you would need to hire or the permits you would need to obtain and may have no idea about the current costs for the work you want done. A building consultant will be familiar with those costs and can ensure that you estimate them properly and then also help you with budgeting your project so you can plan your finances accordingly.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, don't hesitate to contact a local building consultants