Some Overlooked Benefits Of Using Sliding Doors

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Sliding doors are a desirable property feature for many homeowners. The installation of sliding doors is often a project that is undertaken quite quickly by the homeowner, should the property not already have sliding doors.

As well as some commonly known benefits of sliding doors, such as allowing more light into a property or the fact that the doors can help the energy efficiency of a home, there are some commonly overlooked benefits of sliding doors; this article examines these benefits:

Easy For Elderly People To Use

One problem that many older people face is opening their doors. If the door has become stuck (due to the weather) or it has become difficult for the homeowner to grasp the handle, then the door is effectively useless until it is fixed.

To open a sliding door, one only needs to gently push on the handle; the door will then glide open using the tracks. This means that people in this age group can always open their doors without outside help, allowing them access to the yard and the fresh air.

Increased Visibility

Installing sliding doors means that your view around your property increases. This can only be a good thing, security wise. Having a wider view of the property will enable you – and your family – to keep an eye on anything unusual or untoward. This is especially true for rear sliding doors, as intruders generally tend to try and gain access from the rear of the property.

Security Additions

Since the inception of sliding doors, a great many advances have been made regarding security. While the glass originally used was quite easy to break or even slide out of the frame altogether; modern sliding doors feature glass that is not only shatterproof, but can be locked into place to prevent the sheet from moving. For additional security, some sliding doors can be made that feature stiles for extra security. This technique creates a kind of bridge between the outside and inside, making it more difficult for an intruder to get past.

Inherent Noise Reduction And UV Protection

Sliding door glass can also be coated with a special film, so that the light from the sun can come into a room, but the harmful radiation cannot. The glass coating will prevent almost all of the radiation in the sun's rays from passing through the glass, ensuring that you and your family are not directly exposed when sitting indoors. Additionally, some sliding door glass can provide a decent acoustic insulation, perfect if any family members plays or listens to music.

 As well as some well known benefits, sliding doors come with added, often overlooked benefits. To learn more, contact a company like Superior Windows with any questions you have.