Three Home Extensions That Every Empty Nester Should Consider

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When you children move out of the house to start their own lives, you may think that a home extension is unnecessary. Adding on to the home may seem like a waste, especially since you now have at least one room that is unoccupied. The truth is, there are several home extensions that an empty nester should consider as either a luxury option or as a safety net for their children. Here are three of those home extensions and why they should be considered.

Granny Flat

You may not think of a granny flat as a home extension an empty nester should have. The truth is, the name granny flat can actually refer to any type of additional apartment to the home. The basic idea of these flats is to offer an all-inclusive living area with a small kitchenette, bathroom, private entrance, sleeping, and living areas.

This is an ideal home extension for guests as well as family members who may need a place to stay. This also is ideal for your adult aged children who need a place to stay, but also need their freedom as well.

Home Office

As an empty nester, you may find that you have more time on your hands to devote to a work at home job or business. You could use an existing room in the home, but many times these rooms either aren't big enough or aren't quiet enough to give you the atmosphere you need for work.  

This is especially true if you are a video blogger or do webcam based work that requires a more professional setting. A home office extension would allow you to control how the room is built and set-up from the beginning. You can even have special lighting set up during construction to give you the optimal background for your office space.

Home Spa

You will likely reach your retirement years around the same time that your children begin moving out of the home.  If you really want to enjoy your retirement while pampering yourself in the comfort of your own home, consider a home spa house extension. This can be a great way to add a little luxury to your life and experience the spa sensations you enjoy like a sauna, hot tub, or meditation room. You can outfit the extension to accommodate for a small gym as well. This extension is ideal if you want to escape, relax, and to exercise without having to drive to the gym or day spa.

These are just three of the extensions that are ideal considerations for empty nesters. If your children are getting ready to leave the nest, consider the extensions that would make your life easier or more enjoyable. When you are ready, discuss your options with your contractor. Remember, these options can also be incorporated as a second floor extension as well.