4 Important Tools Every Heavy Haulage Truck Driver Should Have

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Heavy haulage trucks are a special kind of vehicle because they are designed to carry very heavy payloads like heavy construction equipment, such as huge concrete mixers. Such cargo is unwieldy in size and shape, so the driver must take special care to avoid endangering the lives of other road users. It is very important that heavy haulage truck drivers are equipped with the necessary tools that will enable them to get the truck moving again if it gets any problem when on the road. This article discusses some of those essential tools.

A Tyre Pump

Ensure that you have a tyre pump in your toolkit so that you can quickly inflate any tyre that loses pressure. It is also helpful to have a pressure gauge as well so that you can ascertain how much more pressure you need to add to a partly deflated tyre. Have these tools with you, and you will be able to get back on the road quickly if a tyre suddenly deflates.

A Flashlight

Chances are very high that your heavy haulage truck will get a problem at night, so you need a good flashlight to help you identify what the problem is. You can buy a flashlight that shakes perpetually so that it signals oncoming vehicles that your truck has a problem. You can also buy a regular flashlight that either uses power from the battery of the truck or one that uses its own batteries. With a flashlight, you will be able to inspect inside the hood or underneath the truck in order to know what is wrong so that you can repair it.

A Utility Knife

This is a very important tool for a heavy haulage truck driver. It can help you fix electrical wires that have shorted, and it can help you to open cans of food when you are on the road. The functions that this tool can perform are as many as your imagination can come up with, so ensure that you have one in your toolkit.

A Mallet or Hammer

You may have a tough job such as loosening extremely tight wheel nuts or bolts anchoring the payload in place. A mallet or a hammer can be very handy in such situations, and they will enable you to resolve whatever situation presents itself when you are on the road.

Keep the tools above in your toolkit and there will be very little to keep you stranded on the road. Your heavy cargo will reach its destination in time since lengthy delays will be avoided.