Why You Should Consider Insulated Concrete Forms for Your Home Project

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If you're making plans to build a new home, you should be looking for the most innovative construction techniques and products available on the market today. When you are aware of the latest trends in this industry it gives you a lot more choice. It enables you to come up with a solution that will not only make a style statement, but will be functional and long lasting. One of the latest trends in home construction techniques here in Australia is the use of insulated concrete forms. What are they and how can they benefit you?

Forms for Walls

In the industry in general, the use of forms to accept poured concrete is nothing particularly new, as it is standard practice for below ground construction techniques. Innovations in the creation of lightweight, interlocking and stackable forms, however has created a market for insulated concrete versions that are suitable for most exterior wall applications. These concrete forms can be constructed to incorporate both exterior and interior installation.

What's the Difference?

This type of construction can be applied in virtually every home design environment. Once the project is complete you won't be able to distinguish between a property that is traditionally built, with one that uses these special forms. There are fundamental differences however.

First of all, the overall dimensions of the house will increase. This is due to the increased wall thickness of the individual components. This usually means that the architect will increase the square footage of the home, to ensure that the room sizes within are not restricted. The span of the roof will increase and the ridge heights be greater. The footprint of the foundation will correspondingly change, too. These are factors to bear in mind when drawing up the plans for your home.

Other factors to consider include doors and windows that have wider jam extensions, so that they can deal with the increased wall thickness. The waterproofing materials within the basement will need to be created from a different substance, as the usual petroleum-based tar is likely to melt exterior foam within the IC forms.

What are the Benefits?

Technical considerations aside, what are your benefits from taking this modern day approach to construction?

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