Learn How to Use Bollards to Make Your Next Antique Car Auction Hassle Free

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A car auction to sell antiques can be a great way to expose the public to many of the classic vehicles that are still available for purchase today. If you want to run an antique car auction, it is important to prepare the area where you want to hold the auction properly. Below is a guide for how to use bollards to ensure the cars are kept safe during the auction,while still allowing potential buyers to see the cars before they bid.

Designate Parking

When people come to the auction, they will need a place to park their vehicles. The bollards can be placed around the designated parking area so that people know where they need to park when they come to the event. Be sure that the parking area is close enough to the auction so that the elderly and handicapped individuals can make it into the auction with ease.

Stage The Vehicles

Use bollards to stage the vehicles that will be auctioned. You need to arrange the vehicles in a specific order so that the auctioneer can say specific information about each car as it comes onto the stage. Position the bollards far enough away from one another that potential buyers have enough room to walk between the cars without rubbing up against them. The auction house will need to give potential buyers an hour or so to look at the cars before the auction begins.

Create A Path

Use the bollards to create a path for the cars to travel to get onto and to leave the stage. The drivers need to know where to go to allow the auction to go as smoothly as possible. Creating a path for them to follow ensures that the cars go in order and continue at a steady pace throughout the night. There will more than likely be many cars to sell, and having the drivers follow a path will keep the flow of traffic moving at a steady pace.

Establish A Payment Area

The bollards can also be used to section off an area of the facility for buyers to use to pay their bids. Everyone needs to be able to easily get to the checkout so that the auction can be completed as quickly as possible.

If you use these simple tips for using bollards at your next car auction, it should go off without a hitch. Everyone will know what to do and where to go to ensure the cars are auctioned off with as little hassle as possible.

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