Three Renovations That Make Your Bathroom Safer For Elderly Loved Ones To Use

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When your elderly parent comes to move in with you, it requires you to make changes to your home. You need to take their safety into consideration. The first room you should consider remodelling is the bathroom. There are sharp, hard edges in a bathroom and if your loved one falls, they could be badly injured. Below is a guide for three types of remodels you should have done in your bathroom to make it more accommodating to an elderly loved one.

Toilet Height

The height of the toilet in your bathroom can greatly impact your loved ones ability to get on and off the toilet on their own. There are specialised toilets that are higher than traditional toilets. They can be installed in the same location as your original toilet and do not require any specialised piping. If you do not want to completely replace your toilet, consider replacing the toilet seat. There are thicker seats that can be placed on the toilet that you already own. They will require less effort for your loved one to get on and off of the toilet on their own.

Walk-In Tub

The tub can be a huge danger for an elderly person. Many elderly individuals cannot balance on one foot long enough to be able to step into and out of the tub. This can create a dangerous situation because they could slip and fall. A contractor can remove your tub from your bathroom and replace it with a walk-in tub easily. The walk-in tub allows your elderly loved one to open a small door and step over a very small lip that is just a few centimetres off the floor to get into the tub. The door shuts and the water can then be turned on to fill the tub. These tubs often have seats built into them so your loved one can have a place to seat and not have to worry about trying to pull themselves up from the bottom of the tub to get in and out after a bath.  

Grab Bars

If you cannot afford to replace your bathtub with a new walk-in tub, all hope is not lost. You can have grab bars installed around your bathtub and near your toilet. The bars will give your loved one something to grasp while he or she uses the tub or the toilet. The bars are designed to support a lot of weight so you can rest assured that he or she will be safe when they use them.

All of these renovations can be done within a matter of just a few days. A contractor like Modern Touch Bathrooms will be able to help you determine which options are best for the space you have available and let you know how to save money on the overall cost of the renovation.