Why Stainless Steel Kitchens Are Growing In Popularity

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Stainless steel kitchens are becoming a popular choice for homeowners renovating their homes. Stainless steel has been used in restaurants for years, so why not do the same in the home? Here are some reasons why a stainless steel kitchen may be the right choice for you.

Durability. Stainless steel is resilient to water, heat, stains and anything else that may come into contact with your kitchen counter. The smooth surface is easily wiped off and stains will not set in. Steel can also hold up to high temperatures, so if a pot of boiling water is placed on the countertop, it will not ruin the counter.

Hygienic. The smooth surface of stainless steel also prevents germs and bacteria from penetrating the surface of the countertop, which would otherwise threaten the health and safety of those eating the food prepared in the kitchen. As long as the counter is wiped down before and after preparing food, the chances of contamination is greatly reduced.

A Clean, Modern Look: Stainless steel is flexible to work with, so the possibilities are endless. You can get a custom look to your stainless steel kitchen by creating a backsplash to go with your countertop. A stainless steel sink can also be built into the countertop, seamlessly, without edges around the sink where dirt and bacteria can hide.

Neutral Colour: Stainless steel kitchens will match any décor that you have and will go with any type of kitchen. Whether your kitchen is already modernised, or has a more traditional look, a stainless steel countertop will fit in beautifully.

Makes Your Kitchen Appear Larger: Stainless steel kitchens appear larger because light can reflect off of the different surfaces, causing the room to look brighter, and therefore, larger. Proper lighting will enhance the results of the appearance of a brighter, larger kitchen as well.

Stays Cool.  A stainless steel countertop will stay cool, even during the summer months. This is an added bonus if you like to make pastries and require a cool surface to work on. If you do place a hot pot or pan on the counter, the spot that you put the pot will be hot to the touch, but it will not radiate outwards.

With stainless steel kitchens becoming more popular, it shouldn't be difficult to get one that fits your needs and style. For more information and advice, contact a company such as Ackland Stainless Steel.