3 Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner in Tip Top Condition

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In the grand scheme of things, a broken air conditioner doesn't seem like a big deal, and there are countless far worse problems in the world. But when it's a hot day and your AC kicks the bucket, you might feel like it's a very urgent problem. With all larger appliances, prevention is better (and cheaper) than a cure, and there are a few ways to ensure that your AC keeps running in good condition, which will keep you nice and cool, as well as prevent costly repairs.

Changing Your Air Filter

If you're in a warmer part of the country, you should consider changing the filter in your air conditioner every three to four months. If you only tend to run your AC during the summer, change the filter before summer starts, and once more during the warmer months. Changing the filter ensures the purity of the cool air being fed into your home, and it also minimises any dust irritation or allergies.

Tip: While fibreglass filters are cheaper, pleated synthetic filters allow your AC to function more effectively.

Forewarned is Forearmed

Have a look at a detailed weather report for your area, which should also tell you the hottest time of the day. Turn your air conditioning on around an hour before the temperature hits its peak, rather than turning it on high when the the heat is at its most intense, in an attempt to cool your home more quickly. This minimises the strain on your air conditioning unit, and you might even be able to set a timer that will turn the unit on automatically at a designated time.

Tip: Set your air conditioning unit to around 24°C. This might not seem cool enough, but it will be refreshing once the temperature has been achieved. It also reduces your electricity consumption.

Annual Servicing

While you can easily change the filter yourself, it's a good idea to have the unit inspected by an air conditioner servicing specialist once a year. The servicing will involve a thorough cleaning of the external components of the unit, removing dirt and grime that can accumulate and cause the unit to strain itself. They will also check your ductwork for leaks and patch as necessary.

Tip: Once you have your unit serviced, you can request to be contacted annually to make a new appointment when servicing becomes necessary again. It's an easy enough thing to forget.

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