Five Health Conditions You Can Avoid With Home Window Tinting

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Tinting the windows in your home can help your health in a number of ways. Tinted windows won't cure your illnesses, but they can help to reduce your chances of suffering from certain conditions. Here is a look at some of the issues you can avoid by having tinted windows:

Skin Cancer

UV radiation is one of the main causes of skin cancer, and if you spend a lot of time near a sunny window in your home, your skin could be at risk. For example, if you work at a desk or frequently watch TV near a certain window, you could be receiving excessive amounts of UV radiation. Adding tinting to your windows has the power to block all of the UVB radiation that comes into your home and about 80 percent of the UVA radiation. This helps to reduce your chances of contracting cancer.

Dry Skin and Wrinkles

Simply because you are able to avoid skin cancer does not mean that the sun's UV rays haven't taken a toll on your skin. If your skin is exposed to too many UV rays over the course of its lifetime, it will  show the effects of aging. This includes wrinkles, dry skin and skin that lacks elasticity.


Cataracts are one of the biggest causes of blindness in the world, and although they seem to appear naturally in many people as they age, cataracts are encouraged by UV rays. In fact, they are just one of the many eye conditions that are linked to UV rays. Others include macular degeneration and photokeratitis.


Unfortunately, tinted windows cannot cure your anxiety. For that, you may need to talk with a counsellor, practise mindfulness or take medication. However, if you feel uneasy opening your curtains due to feelings of anxiety, tinted windows can help with that feeling. They can assure you that you have privacy where you need it. That means that you can let the sunlight shine in while still being hidden from the gaze of neighbours and passersby.

Immune Deficiencies

The vitamin D in sunlight helps to boost the functioning of the immune system, but the UV rays in the sun can suppress the immune system. That means that you need to create a balance of how much sun enters your home. If you only spend a few hours a day awake at home, you may not need tinting to protect you from your window's UV rays. However, if you are constantly in front of a window, you should consider tinting. It protects your immune system from the UV rays, and when you need a burst of vitamin D, you can simply run outside for a minute.

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