What An Engineering Drafting Company Can Do For You

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Engineering drafting companies can provide a number of services to companies that are trying to design new products as well as construction companies engaged in new building projects. They work with architects, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers to develop solutions for design problems at the inception of product development. To help you understand how they can be beneficial, here's what you can expect from an engineering drafting company.

Mechanical Engineering Services -- Mechanical engineers work on a number of different projects, including heating and cooling systems, plumbing systems and development of products for offshore oil drilling and natural gas pipelines. Mechanical engineers can come in at the beginning of a product's development and work through to completion, or they can come in when you already have blueprints and need further refinement. They employ computer-aided design (CAD) to help you visualise your product in a more complete way, but they are also trained in mechanical drawing, which is a very precise way of creating a blueprint by hand. Mechanical drafting also involves the use of 3D models, plastic injection and mould creation.

Architectural Drafting & Design Services -- Engineer drafting companies also provide architectural services, including drafting and 3D rendering services and building energy modelling, which is a more recent drafting trend that focuses on 'green' friendly construction. Energy modelling is a process that is created with the use of a computer and predicts the amount of energy a building will consume annually. It allows you to allocate your resources into erecting more energy-efficient buildings at the inception stage instead of having to retrofit post-construction. Engineer drafting companies can also create drawings for fixtures, cabinets, doors, frames and all other elements of a construction, including glass.

Structural Design -- Structural design is all about ensuring that your construction is built with the strongest and most durable materials necessary to ensure a long lifespan. Engineer drafting companies can create drawings of all kinds of structural components such as steel trusses, rebar and bent bar steelwork. In addition to these designs, drafting engineers can also provide analysis on how well your proposed construction will hold up in adverse conditions. This analysis typically includes an evaluation of buckling tendencies, high-impact analysis, potential damage analysis and long-term outlook for wear and tear. Engineering drafting companies utilise computer aided design, 3D computerised models and other technology to create accurate renderings of what a construction will look like and how to shore up any weak spots.